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E-GlobalNetWork: Helping companies build portals that busy people love to use!International Communications, (Cooperation),Intercultural Management,Global Business Development


E-GLOBAL Information Source


Put the World's News at your fingertips 24 hours a day


Your Global Connexion to People and Resources



 The ability to reach the world. The capacity to change it.


E-GLOBAL. It's what happens when the most advanced network on earth meets the world's richest content to take your business anywhere on the planet. A fast, secure, seamless global network. A full range of  services that meld network and applications to enable an array of rich content. One Planet. One Network. Infinite possibilities.


E-GlobalCenter's unique infrastructure, applications and Web hosting for Micro,Small and Medium-sized  Enterprises (SMEs) at Global, European, national or local level.

Collaborate, Communicate, Connect...24/7/365.

The Infinite Archive. Storing bits for 100 years.


The Global Evolution


Look to the Future, and what do you see? New life, new technology.

This is our vision of the future: inventing a better world in which you grow up.


Our Mission : Building Global Communication Networks.

The World is our Workplace. 


International Communications, (Cooperation)....

Intercultural Management ,

Global Business Development



To preserve our knowledge base and cultures, we must find a way to save digital content for future generation. 

E-GLOBALNETWORK for Enterprise and Industry is for You ! 

Facilitating cross-border business. Helping the small to stand tall ! 

E-Global turns promises into action. Partnership for Growth and Job's. 

Getting on with business.


E-GLOBAL drives our ambition of "prosperity for all" by working to create the best environment for business success in the World. We help people and companies become more productive by promoting enterprise, innovation and creativity. We champion French business at home and abroad. We invest heavily in world-class science and technology. We protect the rights of working people and consumers. And we stand up for fair and open markets in France, Europe and the World.

E-GLOBAL is for : Any business looking to find more cost effective ways of selling.

It covers : What the benefits are of e-marketing, what your options are and how to go about it.


E-GLOBAL is built on Quality, Collaboration and Integrity.

The best marketing at the right time. Right time solutions and process of adapting to customer preferences and actions.


E-GLOBAL is the first step in the site selection process.

Designed and positioned to meet the needs of the site selection marketplace.


E-GLOBAL generates high quality search results by enabling advertisers to bid for placement based on relevant keywords. This allows businesses to reach potential customers at the every time they are searching for products and services. These results are then distributed across the Internet to some of the world's most popular and well-known Web sites.

The Business Search Engine - 

People, Companies, Products, Services & Solutions


E-GLOBAL is a leading search engine and portal network that consists of over 32 niche portals. E-GLOBAL provides visitors with very specific search content and related resources, allowing visitors to utilize the Internet more effectively. TheGlobal Network portals relate to popular industries and subjects like Travel, Business, Technology, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Fashion, etc. The Global Network’s advanced technologies and business search engine provides viewers with focused content while simultaneously attracting only the most highly targeted traffic to each merchant site.

The leading business search engine and business directory designed to help its users find the companies, products, services, and information they need to make the right business decisions.   » Get Your Site Listed Today | Register With Business.com


Looking to Find Qualified Business Leads?

Reach the right prospects at the right time with e-Global Business Development


People, Regions, Countries, Firms, Departments, Knowledge, Business Network,..., You !


    » Drive highly qualified and business-focused leads to your site
» Get access to the greatest concentration of business professionals on the Web
» Reach businesses that are actively searching for your product or service
» Maximize your ROI by optimizing your placement
» Leverage the
Global Network
Browse our comprehensive  Active Networks that identify users and content to optimize delivery according to business priorities.


Internet - Intranets - Extranets

Become a part of it !



Les Sites Partenaires

Partagez vos informations dans un monde connecté

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E-GLOBAL: Helping companies build portals that busy people love to use!

"Building employee and customer loyalty in a digital enviroment is not an easy task. E-GLOBAL understands business people better than any other portal company. We connect busy executives to information that matters everyday all over the globe. Now we can help you do the same for your company."
Stefan Raducanu , President and CEO E-GLOBAL Company

The favorite timesaving portal of executives worldwide can now be customized for your employees, partners or customers.

In addition to providing the world's most popular desktop for executives,
E-GLOBAL  now provides a portal solution for companies of all sizes. By combining the elements of our award-winning public site with highly intuitive and customizable technology, E-GLOBAL enables organizations to quickly, effectively and affordably manage information, improve productivity and reduce costs.
Whether you need a complete Intranet solution, an "instant on" library for your existing Intranet or a customer-facing portal,
E-GLOBAL can help. For more information contact: eglobalnet8@yahoo.fr

The benefits

It is no exaggeration to describe E-GLOBAL as a revolution for the marketing industry. For the first time, it gives businesses of any size access to the mass market at an affordable price and, unlike TV or print advertising, it allows truly personalized marketing. Specific benefits include: global reach, lower cost, 24-hour marketing, shorter lead times, a level playing field, personalisation, one-to-one marketing

Available Features of E-GLOBALCorporate

State of the Art Administration - Create and edit themes and portlets, manage your toolbar and navigation, and assign admin groups. We have been using this Administration program to run Global Network - it is simple, intuitive, and completely painless. We love it, and so will you. Cascading Permissions - Allows users, groups and administrators the ability to modify the site according to their needs. Company/Team Collaboration - Projects and information can be shared within assigned groups and departments with our collaboration system. Portal/Library Themes - Create multiple portal themes geared directly to your end users, or choose from the numerous library themes we provide. End User customization - Users can customize your site to work more effectively for them, by choosing their portal themes, adding personal links and customizing their news and weather. "One Click" Customization- Take the hassle out of adding links to your Global Network site--no typing, no URLs to remember--click, done. You will not believe how easy it is! Finance Center - World-class finance center module saves time and money, by providing one click access to custom charting, portfolios, futures, opinions, company news and email updates. Web Based Email - Accessible from any computer in the world, its features include POP access, spam filters, mail filters and folders, and your own email address. Additional storage, wireless forwarding and other features are also available. File Sharing - Groups or clients can share problems through your site. SSL Encryption - Secure your Corporate site with SSL encryption provided by Intranets.


  Shared Calendar/Contacts - Access your information from your desktop anywhere in the world. Calendar and contact manager imports and exports with Outlook 2000. Customized News - This customizable news ticker allows users to choose from over 200 news sources. Keep top headlines front and center or focus on a specific industry. Weather Center - Track your home city, and all those to which you travel. It's continually updated and includes airport delays, golf forecasts and more. Forums - Talk to and with your users with these easy-to-use forums. PDA/Wireless Site - Make your site PDA and WAP accessible. Polling Application - Get quick answers to your questions with the easy to use polling application. Concierge - Need the names of hotels that allow pets in San Francisco, or a list of four-star restaurants near your hotel in Nice? Call toll-free from anywhere in the US or send an email or chat live online from anywhere in the world. Ask an Expert Service - Professionals can find answers to virtually any business question you might have - national or international. Premier business consultants and industry specialists provide succinct advisory responses and helpful resources. Web/Audioconferencing - Offers a complete suite of customized collaborative services in audio, video, data and Web conferencing, helping your business improve productivity, reduce travel costs and gain a competitive advantage. Your own Domain name - Intranets can provide your company with your own unique domain name or a sub-domain of Global Network. One-on-One Training - When you begin your corporate site, you will recieve hands-on training from Intranets on how to make your site the best that it can be. Interested in advertising with us?     SRU offers a wide range of advertising opportunities to drive traffic to your site, sell, advertise or inform about your products and services to a highly motivated and travel savvy audience. If you are interested in receiving our rates or plan a special promotion or advertising campaign, please call us at +33 1 39 65 50 34 in Paris, France. Or write us an email to us  Email us with your information. Contact us, we will gladly assist you.
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E-GLOBAL was founded  in July 2001 in response to the need for a new kind of search engine, one that was completely different from the frustrating, time-consuming Internet search engines that existed at the time. E-GLOBAL is a French company specialising also in the security of online services in the Intranet and Extranet environments.From its headquarters in France, Peymeinade, E-GLOBALset out to create a simple, fast and relevant search experience. By September 2001,
E-GLOBAL had revolutionized the way people and businesses search for products and services. Its new online marketplace offered consumers quick, easy and relevant search results; provided advertisers with a cost-effective way to drive highly qualified leads to their Web sites; and offered its affiliate partners a meaningful, new search capability for their users while increasing their revenue. Providing International Business research for corporate and governement clients.Shared for Service Centers for Europe. New portal of business development data in the information Era.



Our Community is a start-up place for all users, who are interested in the latest E-GLOBAL developments and would like to share their comments or ideas. Our community forum contributes for the continuous evolvement of the open-E-GLOBALand keeps you well-informed on all important themes. The entire community is interested in your opinion, please contact us.

Become our Partner

We believe in long-term, fair cooperations, built on mutual benefit, competence, responsibility and trust. We believe in partner networks where every partner contributes his know-how and professional competence to the realisation of successful business projects. We offer you a partnership where you keep your individuality and profit from our solutions and technology for ther realisation of  your own independent projects. Are you interested? Please contact  us!

We have dedicated our knowledge and experience, time and effort to provide our customers and business partners with state-of-the-art solutions and services that exceed their expectation of quality. We are determined to build successful long-term cooperations where our partners keep complete independence and rely on our professional services to stay highly competitive in a dynamic,  ever changing business environment.

Our highly-skilled consultants provide know how to "retain good, identify and improve the weak points to ensure independence and the implication of future applications." We focus only our costumers, their aims, their conditions, their visions to develop their special solution.

Our cooperation partners benefit from their competence to consult domestic customers and profit from their extensive experience in product marketing on their domestic market.

Cooperation Partners

Our cooperation partners have the skills and resources to identify potential customers and market expansion opportunities for the E-GLOBAL. They introduce our solution to interested customers and profit from the growing market recognition of the E-GLOBAL.  Our cooperation partners understand the business models of their existing customers and offer them innovative, quality solutions that meet specific business needs

As a partner of Community you stay completely independent - you choose your partner for the technical implementation of the E-GLOBAL and advise your customers on the application of the product. We offer you extensive training and provide all the information and support that you need.

Providing our customers with high quality service...

At E-GLOBAL we work closely with our partners to integrate our products within secure architectures. Because we understand the importance of familiarizing ourselves with the security context and global interconnection of our clients, E-GLOBAL always seeks to draw on the experience of partners who work with the existing architectures. 

At the request of the client 
E-GLOBAL will integrate it's products using a Value-Added Specialist in security in general and applicative security in particular.  The principal objective of this collaboration between E-GLOBAL and the active, on-site partner is to ensure the coherence of the overall assembly.

E-GLOBAL works in unison with its integration partner throughout each phase of the project. From the target architecture design to flow analysis, E-GLOBAL assists its partner to establish the best possible configuration. During installation, the on-site integrator benefits from unlimited support with, if necessary, the presence of an engineer specialising in the product to ensure the clients complete satisfaction.

Moreover, both before and after sale,
E-GLOBAL will work directly with the client for level 2 questions concerning the product configuration and fine-tuning or personalized solutions

Are you interested ? Please contact us!


E-GLOBAL is the most cost-effective way to promote your site on the Internet

To stay in the game, your presence is critical.

Registration offer great benefits.

For more information call us at +33 1 39 65 50 34 , or contact Business Development Representative, E-GLOBAL 3,rue Blanche de Castille, 78300, Poissy, France.

+33 (0)6 21 97 47 99


Passez à la dimension collaborative avec E-GLOBAL,espaces de travail collaboratif et de publication. Des offres pour tous : Offre Entreprise, Associations, Individuels, PME, PMI, Services Payants. Expérimentez gratuitement E-GLOBAL sur E-GLOBALNETWORK



E-GLOBAL inviting you to join GLOBALNETWORK...TODAY.

As competitors become partners,as local become global,as borders become bridges.

Wherever you are in the World, whatever your occupation or profession you have so much in common with many people across the globe. Issues of learning, creativity; innovation, personal development, and corporate and personal knowledge management are all important to you. Please visit GLOBAL NETWORK as the Guest !


If you'd like to register or simply share thoughts with me about E-GLOBAL,please feel free to contact me. We have created GLOBALNETWORK to demonstrate as many features as you might think of-and more.Please take a moment and browse through our sites to see the possibilities you can achieve for your business ...and tell us what you think!




Thanks for choosing E-GLOBAL



We wish you every success with your visit.


Collaborate, Communicate, Connect,..24/7/365

International Communications

Intercultural Management

Global Business Development

People, Places, Things, Facts, Companies, Products, Services & Solutions.

Tomorrow starts today

Business is about more just economics. Social factors play an increasingly important role in the long-term success of any corporation. Our aim is to create an environment -trough actions and not just words-in which we, as part of the community, promote positive development and relationships. E-GLOBAL realizes this responsibility in the form of a broadly-based cultural, scientific and social commitment. As member of international community and responsible actor of GLOBALNETWORK, our goal is to bring people together. We view our commitment to society as an expression of our own identity. For further information look at: e-globalnetwork

Know why, Know who, Know where, Know what. The know how to succeed.

We look forward to welcoming you as a partner of the GlobalNetwork

B2B is bigger than any one company


Contact : Stefan Raducanu : +33 (0)1 39655034   +33 (0)6 21974799


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